Modulus Enterprise Class, previously Curvature, is our premiere Node.js and MongoDB enterprise hosting product. You’ll have the ability to deploy rapidly, scale easily, and have real time analytics at your fingertips, in the environment that’s right for you! Choose in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two. Contact us today to see how you can save money and time with Modulus Enterprise Class.

Use the same technology and easy to use dashboard as our public platform but have the customization and power you need to scale easily and quickly, while reducing costs.

Utilize an easy to use dashboard with full customization for all your deployment, scaling, and analytics needs.

Fast and Easy Deployments

Don't waste hours deploying your application. Modulus Enterprise Class’s built-in deployment and orchestration tools allow you to deploy in seconds and iterate quickly.

Quickly Scale to Meet Demand

Instantly grow your application to meet customer demand as it changes with the easiest to use and most cost-effective scaling.

Make Informed Decisions

Make informed, real-time decisions to ensure a great user experience for your customers with powerful analytics.

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